It’s hard to believe we all met 40 years ago!!! 1979 at the University of Lowell, which is now University of Massachusetts at Lowell. I was a freshman and searching for “my tribe” and I knew where to find them.

I was an accounting major, although I wanted to be an acting major and my parents response to that request was “not on our dime”. Maybe in hindsight they did me a favor and as I write this from my 7th floor office in Times Square where I am a CPA as my survival job. But I am posting this blog entry on my actor’s website so……….

But that Spring of 1979 were the auditions for the theater department’s production of “Pippin” and I was determined to get cast. Armed with more enthusiasm than talent I wasn’t going to let a pitch problem stand in my way. Launching into an unsuccessful rendition of “Patchin’ the Roof” I was politely stopped and asked to sing “Happy Birthday” In the key of C please. Like I said I wasn’t going to let anything stand in my way.

SO, I was cast as a Player and got to meet this crew who 40 years later have assembled themselves in Upstate New York at my and my husbands country house for the weekend. We’ve all been through losses, spouses, homes, jobs, kids, break-ups, weddings, funerals but through it all we’ve stayed in touch, somehow.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to still have these people in my life. Friends who know you, love you (sometimes unconditionally) and can and will put up with you. The inside jokes are endless, as are the fights when we play games. But we make up, laugh at ourselves and each other.

I can’t post a notice about the Upstate Weekend with the Theater Gang without thanking my husband Tom who continues to support me in life, living and laughing. Helped me put this weekend together and welcomed all these crazy, lovely people into our home.