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Actually I should say “the closest I’ve ever come!” This has been an extremely challenging and rewarding month and I just wanted to share this experience with you all to prove that it all actually happened and how I can use this experience in the future.

We all now use and or subscribe to some of the MANY on-line casting networks and we often don’t hear how some of those submissions can come (almost) full circle. Well this was my journey. I submitted myself on Casting Networks to be a full-time host on HSN. It was a self-tapped submission and after talking with the casting director  I learned he received well over 500 submissions. OH the brilliance of technology!! All you have to do is “click”. Well my click got me a callback in Orlando, FL.

The first lesson is you have to be “in the room” if you want anything, so I got “in the room” Luckily there were 4 people from HSN in the room. Even though they called it a callback it felt like a first audition. Proof that being in the room works, I then got the call from the “mother ship” inviting me down to the HSN campus and studios for a full day of auditions and meetings.

Let me tell you they put us through our paces, and in a good way. We were sent 8 different products to research and become familiar with, everything from jewelry to cookware and electronics. We were in one of the kitchen studios, which I recognized from binge watching HSN every day for 2 weeks. I stood before 5 cameras for different 2 shots, close-ups, product close-ups and guest close-ups, they mic’d me and gave me an ear piece so while focusing on my products, which camera to look at and having a little voice in my head counting me down and directing me, I kept myself calm and focused, and kept thinking “Eyes Judy, EYES” (that’s a weird reference from “Me and My Shadow” when Busby Berkley chews out a young Judy Garland) ANYWAY it was terrifying and exciting all at the same time!

They also had a dynamite Life Style coach giving us feedback and “tough love” and she was an invaluable asset, she helped me find my “voice”.

Now I don’t want to bury the lead, but I am writing this on the day that I was “released” from consideration. And while I am very disappointed and I may be down but I am certainly not OUT!! This is what we do and keep doing. Be in the room! Give it all you’ve got! We don’t know what the universe has in store for us, but we sure as hell gotta put ourselves out there to be in it!