GOOD. BETTER. BEST. – A Lifestyle Travel Show

GOOD. BETTER. BEST. is a lifestyle travel show that brings you the good, better and best choices for hotels, spas, cruises, ski resorts, restaurants and so much more – from across the United States and around the world. Click Here to watch the full 10 minute pilot episode. No matter what your budget: $150, $350, or even $1,500 a day, each episode our hosts share three options that make traveling the world and living the good life accessible and affordable for everyone. Think “Rachael Ray $40-a-Day” meets “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” with a little something extra in-between!

That is the opening “premise” from our treatment, and I would be more than happy to send you a copy of the treatment, just shoot me request on my contact page. Adrienne Cote and I had a blast creating the pilot episode of GBB. The concept was her’s but together we hired a wonderfully creative team to write, shoot, edit and produce this highly adaptable show. And it must be said that the premise of GBB is limitless and can be applied in a vast array of arenas. What works so well with this concept is that we are not “pitting” the good against the better or best but we are giving the viewer the full range of possibilities. So our GBB topics appeal to a broad demographic and there is an option for every budget, but who doesn’t want to see the “creme de la creme” if not just to dream a little.

We’ve even outlined our next three episodes:

GOOD. BETTER. BEST. – Cape Cod, MA – From Hyannis to Provincetown, we’ll uncover the good, better, best clambakes east of the Mississippi.

GOOD. BETTER. BEST – Portland, OR – Distill my heart, you will be good, better, bested “hopping” around the best microbreweries in Portland, affectionately called Beervana, known for having the most microbreweries in the world.

GOOD. BETTER. BEST. – Chicago, IL – Whether your passion is art, architecture, nature or history, Chi-Town is the place to get properly schooled and cultured. Discover the good, better, best museums in the Windy City.

We produced the pilot episode with Mill Rock Road Productions, LLC and are actively seeking production companies to partner with to create future episodes. So by all means share this post with your friends and relatives and help us bring GOOD. BETTER. BEST. to its waiting audience!

And remember: “Be GOOD, Do BETTER and Always Hope for the BEST”