We Got Married!

Now onto the honeymoon!

April 6, 2015 the 2 minutes and 33 seconds that changed my (our) life. Tom and I have been together for approximately 13 years and marriage seemed to be the right next step. We meet on Fire Island in the Pines, actually on the dance floor of the Pavilion.

Tom always refers to that evening as the day he danced over to “tall-land” Being 6’3” I am like a May Pole on the dance floor. Over the past few years we have attended weddings that were epic, intimate and all out events, so we decided to have the “un-wedding”. So we settled on the 2 grooms each with a witness at the Marriage Bureau of Manhattan. Our intention wasn’t to exclude anybody rather to exclude everybody and at the same time announce to the world our marriage via the New York Times Vows Section (click HERE). The atmosphere at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau was fun, welcoming and celebratory, men marrying men, women marrying women and even men marrying women. People cheered as we left the chapel happily and legally husband and husband. Now off to St. Barthes and the marriage trip, OK honeymoon!!