Accord House


Well I have to say it has been a terrific summer so far! and I wanted to share with you all our “bloomin” hard work. Both Tom and I enjoy the house so much and getting us out in the garden and lawns. I know I shared with you all the transformation on the banking on the curve of the drive, but I didn’t want to leave out all the other gardens that we’ve planted over the past 2 years. So most of this blog will be visual.

The one “trick” we’ve had to use was replacing (adding) all the topsoil in the garden beds since the natural landscape is clay and rocks, and we wouldn’t have reaped these amazing perennials if we didn’t. Most of these beauties have come back full on 2 or even 3 years in a row. We’ve focused on planting perennials simply because we don’t want to be re-planting the same things year after year. Plus we’ve chosen perennials that bloom throughout the season, some will keep blooming right up to Columbus Day!!

aphrodite cone flower day lillies nastursiam hydranga zinnia medow rue roses lace capped hydranga 2 lace capped hydranga hanging basket 1