OOOPS THEY DID IT AGAIN!! Or should I say, they’re at it again. It is painfully obvious, and I do mean painfully, that the magicians at Disney pulled out all the stops to literally recreate every trick, spin, flake and icicle that was in the animated film. If I wanted that I would go and see the movie. Hey Disney! take a page from Tina Landau’s directing manual and go see Sponge Bob – The Musical, they did not use one costumed character but still created the life and energy of Bikini Bottom on stage.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t sung well. That it was. Belting to the rafters, and beautifully. But why was Elsa wearing “rock star” ear pieces during her 2 mega hit numbers. Let It Go, which closes act one, and where the audience erupts in applause at the first 3 notes of the song, and then again during her new 11 o’clock number Monster. Could it be she needed constant stage direction as her entire queen costume is tethered to the rafters for the BIG REVEAL into her Victoria Secret Ice Queen prom gown. Or as my husband put it “she has pitch problems” Either way the ear pieces were a HUGE distraction to me. Elsa the pit is right at your feet.
One adaptation that did work were the trolls from the film were now wilding creatures half human half beast, like sexy singing centaurs. And sit in the first few rows because the King of the centaurs was this bare chested beefcake with abs for days (if you like that sort of thing)
Olaf was straight out of the the Lion King with an actor singing and voicing the puppet he controlled via multiple wires and strings attached to his waist and feet. But here’s the thing the actor that brought Olaf to life was SO much more interesting that I never really focused on the puppet. And don’t get me started on the 21st century reindeer that would blink and twitch his ears all controlled by a man inside a reindeer costume painfully contorted on stilts and extensions. I would have rather had Caroline from Gypsy. Moo-moo-moo-moo.
If you do go, be prepared to share the aisles with the multitude of 6 year old girls in their own personal Elsa princess dresses complete with diaphanous sequenced capes. And don’t get me started on the merchandise for sale in the lobby.
Shouldn’t a musical have a book? There wasn’t one. They simply repeated the lyrics from the songs without accompaniment. It’s cold, I get it.
This is not the next Wicked but I think it will run so that every little girl who knows ALL the songs will get their fill.
Oh and thank you Disney for putting that song back in my head, I thought I finally got it out back in 2013. And the next time Broadway comes calling to have you stage another one of your blockbuster animated films, just let it go.