What is “THE NEWSMEN”???

2-newsmen Is it a sitcom? A mini-series? A movie-of-the-week? No, no and no but it could be! Actually it is a video slot machine produced by High 5 Games one of the worlds largest and most creative developers of on-line and land based casino games.  (Click here) to explore High 5 Games and open an account to play!

The Newsmen follows the antics of 4 “anchor men” of a local news station who deliver the news, weather and sports by day but are rogue undercover cops by night. I play Don Mosely the head anchorman by day and Jack Garity undercover cop by night. (PS: I didn’t know that they were going to use my real name (misspelled)) I found the casting breakdown on Actors Access and thought that it would be a hoot to be immortalized in a video slot machine. And the added bonus was that someday my Mom could possibly play this slot machine when it becomes a land-based game, her favourite spot being NewsmenFoxwoods!!

Here are a couple of candid shots from the day we shot the live action video that plays during the game. The shoot was a blast, I know we don’t look like we’re having any fun in these shots, HA! Everything was shot on green screen and it felt a little like stop-motion photography.

I’ve received email’s and texts from people I haven’t heard from in years that play High 5 Games on facebook and the like and they’ve noticed my “mug” all over the game! Keep playing!!!