Not too sure If I am sharing something new, but I LOVE to bake! And I’ve been told I am pretty good at it.

The holidays are usually the high season for baking, leading with my annual box of assorted Christmas Cookies and ending with my crowning touch my Bouche de Noel. IMG_0253

Well, it was this year’s Christmas cookies that were the inspiration for the above cupcake pic. Our neighbors Upstate recently adopted 2 amazing children, a brother and sister, and when I delivered my Christmas cookies this year one of the Mom’s commented that the kids would love it if I would come over someday and bake with them. Well I was extremely flattered and wanted to do one better. So, I invited the kids over our house for a Bake Date. It was part date, part learning experience and all fun! The cupcakes pictured at the top of this post were the creations from that Bake Date.

I got each of the kids their own set of piping tips and bags and may have gone a bit overboard with the toppings. Peeps, Cadbury Malted Eggs, Jelly Beans, Peanut M&Ms, Easter Candy Corn, and 5 different colors of frosting. They had a blast, got quite a sugar high and hopefully learned something too.

Then that got me to thinking…….why wouldn’t any parent want a Bake Date with Jack? Your kids will be occupied for approximately 4 hours, learn some of the fundamentals about baking, have a blast and you as parents get 4 hours to do whatever you want. A win win!

So I am officially making myself available to the parents of Manhattan as a baker to their kids for a Bake Date w/ Jack!