Well it was about that time again. The pandemic is kinda over, I stopped coloring my hair and was embracing the gray! Quick aside, as I let my hair go gray my Mom would always ask “Jackie, are you frosting your hair??!!”

Now it’s an actors responsibility to show up in the room looking as close to their headshot as possible. Since mine were close to five years old and I used to try and recapture my youth with a touch of peroxide I knew it was time to give Joe Henson a call and schedule a sitting.

Now I have been using Joe Henson for the past 20 years and for very good reason. Its not just his skill as a photographer, or his keen eye for lighting and composition, but how he combines these innate talents and uses them to the ultimate benefit of his subject. Namely ME and hopefully YOU. Joe understands that your headshot is more than an actor’s calling card, these headshots need to represent you as a person, as an actor and as a life force. Its a terrific collaborative process and the end result has always been exceptional.

Now he is not alone in this process. By his side is his stylist and wife Kerry-Lou who applies the same principles to her styling. You want Glam, you’ll get glam, but do you really want Glam? Her understanding of who you are, what your markets are and who is going to hire you come into play and are far more important in the process than “making you pretty” Oh you’re going to look outstanding, but its going to be the best outstanding YOU there can be.

Now I know these may seem like basic concepts, but without the collaboration of the photographer, the stylist and you, in a way that ensures capturing the best you then why bother.

And one final note, I have been deemed an “HMS” client by this dynamic duo. A High Maintenance Shoot, enough said.